Providing Supplier Resources for Customers who Expect Results and a quick Response to their Project Needs

ICG Rep Sales was formed to work with Suppliers that were interested in providing world class service and products to the local customer base here in Florida and to companies across the USA that need a quick response, interface with an experienced sales engineer, and then receive a quote to assist with the development of a company’s products. In our 28 years of experience, we have acquired the ability help navigate Business Owners, Engineering Managers, Program Managers and Project Engineers through their scope of work (SOW) documentation to enhance their ability to work with one of our suppliers. For startup companies, we can assist your product from the beginning with an idea, all the way to production. You will find that all suppliers, involved with ICG Rep Sales, have committed to perform at the highest level, both in Quality, Delivery and Price.

We are dedicated to the success of both our customers and our suppliers. Results are the driving mission of our business going forward. If your design needs with our one of our suppliers cannot be met, I will be glad to refer you to my many supplier contacts in the industry to help you out. If you need us, we will answer the call. Give us a chance to work with you. Performance has to be shown, and the trust of our customers has to be earned.

We look forward to hearing from Customers who can use ICG Rep Sales for your product development. To start your design and production project send me an email at and I will contact you within 24 hours. If need to speak to me right away, I am available 24/7 at 727-639-1416. If there is no answer, leave me a message.